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Copina Co.

The Whisk USB Rechargeable Electric Frother

The Whisk USB Rechargeable Electric Frother

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Meet the perfect companion for your favorite Copina Co. blend. The Whisk, our USB rechargeable electric frother, makes it easy to bring your wellness routines anywhere. Use it to instantly get the perfect froth on your lattes and to perfectly combine our beauty-boosting creamers to your coffees and iced drinks.

HOW TO USE: To start, insert The Whisk into the liquid at a slight angle close to the wall of the cup.

Once the The Whisk is in the liquid, press the button next to the USB port to power on! We recommend about 3-7 seconds of frothing.

The Whisk has 2 speeds: fast and very fast. Pressing the power button once turns The Whisk on.

Pressing again increases the speed. Pressing a third time powers it off. Power down after use.

Remove The Whisk from the liquid and enjoy. USB Charger, frother, and case included in box.

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