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Boutique & Website Product Disclaimers, Warnings & Policy

  • Please contact us at for information regarding specific products. Please see the product description next to each listed item on our website for additional information.
  • Lohibition Botanicals products may contain essential oils, natural herbs, and other ingredients that may negatively impact pregnant and nursing women. Consult your doctor before use.
  • Do not use Lohibition products if you have a nut, dairy, or known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients or potential ingredients in our products or in the products made and manufactured by affiliates or third parties that retail in our store or on our website. Discontinue use immediately in the unlikely event of irritation. Should you be dissatisfied with the quality of our products performance please contact us immediately for a return notice using the guidelines found on our Shipping and Returns page.
  • If you are recovering from surgery, injury, cosmetic procedure, dermal irritation, burns, or if you are being treated for a serious illness or are taking medication, please contact your doctor before using Lohibition, Lohibition Kitchen, Lohibition Botanicals products or any products made by companies carried in our boutiques, linked to, or sold on our website that either are or are not affiliated with Lohibition, LLC.
  • Do not use our products on children unless you have fully read and understand the ingredients list and its intended use. Consult your children's doctor if you have concerns or questions about product use and safety.
  • No information written on or linked to from Lohibition, LLC websites should be considered as professional medical advice or be used in place of professional medical advice. For any and all ailments of a mental and/or physical nature, you should and must contact a medical professional. Lohibition offers enhancements to your life, not replacements of professional medical treatments and we are not responsible in any way for the outcome of your health should you forgo professional medical advice and/or treatment. You assume all responsibility and risks and acknowledge that you the consumer are solely responsible for your safety and well being when you purchase and/or use any product made by, distributed by, promoted by or associated with Lohibition, LLC and/or any affiliate or associated companies seen on, mentioned by or referenced and/or linked to on our website, pop up shops, gardens, studios, or private boutique.

Media Usage 

All Lohibition brand items for sale in our shop and/or used on our website are original to and are the sole property of Lohibition LLC and may not be used in any way without our explicit permission. Should you wish to purchase, post, or use any image, item, photography, or article please email us through the appropriate email on our contact us page. We require credit on any repostings on social media that originate from either or any of our social media accounts, blogs, or advertising. Any use of anything covered under copyright laws will result in penalties, fines, lawyer activities, finger wagging, shame, and frown emoji laced emails.