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Wild Essentials

Smudge Blend Spray - Palo Santo & White Sage - 2 oz./60ml

Smudge Blend Spray - Palo Santo & White Sage - 2 oz./60ml

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From the maker: "A Smudge blend in an all natural spray! Wild Essential Smudge oil synergy blend is made with palo santo, white sage pure essential oils and organic witch hazel.
 A great smoke free, healthy alternative to burning smudge sticks or wood. This blend is used to cleanse negative energy, raise your vibration, add positivity and bring good fortune. This sacred sage and holy wood oil blend is calming, provides balance and can uplift the spirits Our sprays are housed in a 60ml amber glass bottle which keeps your oils safe from oxidation and our premium spray tops control the amount of spray you use to minimize waste. All of our proprietary synergy blends are carefully crafted to include just the right blend of oils to achieve the maximum effects while still having a wonderful aroma that you will want to use daily!"

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