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Lindo - Lindo Facial Spa Roller Set - Interchangeable Heads

Lindo - Lindo Facial Spa Roller Set - Interchangeable Heads

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From the maker: "The Lindo Facial Spa Roller Set features three interchangeable heads that allow you to effectively apply the benefits of crystal stone (Aventurine, Rose Quartz and Jade) to different parts of your face.
Massaging with natural stone promotes lymphatic drainage and temporarily improves blood circulation, brightens skin tone, and promotes elasticity of the skin.

Due to natural formations of the stone, each roller will be unique in size and color.
For betters results, place roller in refrigerator for 10 minutes prior to use.

 1. Roll the aventurine (blue) larger roller around the cheek and neck, applying outward and upward strokes for plumper, refreshed looking skin.
2. Using the rose quartz (pink) roller with ridges helps your skin activate natural collagen production.
3. Use the Jade (green) anti-inflammatory spherical head, rolling upward and downward for a calming & rejuvenating facial massage."
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