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Wild Essentials

"Inner Calm" Essential Oil Relaxing Body Spray - 2 oz./60ml

"Inner Calm" Essential Oil Relaxing Body Spray - 2 oz./60ml

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From the maker: "Our Wild Essentials Inner Calm spray is great for relaxation and stress relief. This blend has a calming combination that works to build serenity and inner peace. Made with a proprietary synergy blend combination of clove leaf, geranium, lavender, orange and patchouli pure essential oils pre-diluted and ready to use! Our sprays are made with all natural, organic witch hazel and distilled water for safe application. Spray on your skin, clothes, linens, yoga mat, bathroom, as an air freshener or anywhere you want for a calm and peaceful experience! Each bottle is handmade with love in Connecticut, USA in small batches to ensure freshness and strength."

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