Daily Back Scrubber

Daily Back Scrubber

Daily Concepts
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"As the perfect tool to help extend your reach, give yourself a massaging clean and to exfoliate those hard to get places, the Daily Back Scrubber is a bathing essential. The naturally sourced texture and interior soy based sponges of the Daily Back Scrubber create a luxurious and cleansing experience!" Daily Concepts

Texture: Vigorous

Fabric: Organic Cotton, Polyamide, Polyester

Filling: Polyurethane


  • Label with indicator that fades when it’s time to replace
  • Reusable packaging that transforms into shower caddy
  • Perfect to meet hard to reach body parts and to Help those with limited mobility extend their reach
  • Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.
  • Not tested on animals and vegan


    Cruelty free product by Daily concepts 


    Wet body and wet back Scrubber. Apply your favorite cleanser or body wash directly to Back Scrubber. Exfoliate and cleanse by holding each handle in hands, scrubbing in side to side motions behind the back, on the bottom of feet and any other hard to get places. Rinse your back scrubber well and squeeze excess water before replace in reusable packaging, which is complete with a suction cup that allows it to hang and holes in the bottom so your Daily Back Scrubber may drain


    Replace your Daily Back Scrubber when writing on label fades! Usually approximately after 90days of use.

    PRO TIP: Between uses ensure to rinse all excess soap and squeeze water out before replacing in its reusable shower caddy in order to maintain the integrity of your Daily Back Scrubber