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Bright Side Beverage Club

Bright Side Beverage Club - Various Flavors

Bright Side Beverage Club - Various Flavors

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About Bright Side Beverage Club

"Sparkling Water for People With Taste" By removing impurities and optimizing natural minerals, we craft water that tastes -- and feels -- dreamy. Our customized sparkling system creates bubbles that are soft, yet lively (not harsh and eye-watering), providing the perfect foundation for noticeably better flavor and freshness. Inspired by racquet sports, and clubs of the 70s and 80s, we bring that chic taste to you in every can, crafting Bright Side in our own brewery with natural and organic essences born from real fruits, herbs and spices for an ultra-premium sparkly experience. From its breezy aroma to its refreshing mouthfeel and obsession-worthy flavor, Bright Side Beverage Club will delight your senses the moment you open one."

Club Soda: A bit sweeter* than most, and mineralized in its own special way.  It's clean, it's classic, it's great as a mixer or on its own when you need some hydration, but don't want boring water. *It's a subtle, natural sweetness. No sugar or sweeteners in sight

Ginger PeachLike taking a dip in your plunge pool after two minutes in the sauna. The flavor of ripe, juicy southern peaches offerings a refreshing cool to balance the slight warmth of real ginger that reminds you of a summer night in charleston.

Cucumber Lime: Cucumber lime is the best doubles team in the game. Just when you think it's a little more cucumber-forward, the key lime scores that match point. It's like spa water in a can (refreshing af), makes a wicked good vodka soda and will always remind you of your favorite weekend getaway, palm beach.

Yuzu Elderflower: Unexpected, yet somehow so perfect that it'll stand the test of time. Flowers in your water is trè chic, and when you pair the bittersweet of elderflower with the tangysweet of yuzu, it just works. Perfectly, we might add. It's your #1 sipper on the amalfi coast or center court at wimbledon.

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